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What case should my friend get for a first build?

So I got my friend into pc gaming, and he decided to build a computer (mainly because I am).

I told him that the first thing he should get is the case.

He did a small amount of research and he came up with the Sharktoon T28. I thought it was good but there's no internal usb cords.

I offered him the NZXT Source 210 Elite.

So my question is: What do you recommend? And what are your thoughts on the cases I've provided?

Thanks for reading. ;)
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  1. Budget?
  2. EzioAs said:

    70-140 aus dollars.
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    Antec 300/302/1100, Antec P280, Cooler Master HAF 912/922/932/XM, Bitfenix Merc/Shinobi/Raider/Ghost, Corsair 300R/400R/500R.

    These are all excellent cases in my opinion.
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