My asus amd radeon hd directcu ii 6970 has bad performance

Okay so this is kind of a long question that I have. I recently bought a 6970 and upgraded from my older 5750. The problem is that my performance is terrible its absolutely not on par with expected performance levels. My friend and I were playing blacklight retribution and I was getting 30-50 fps where as he was getting 55-65 and he has a 560 ti. I believe it is probably the processor and am planning on upgrading cpus to an am3+ bulldozer cpu but im not sure if that will solve my problem. I think it could be the fact that im running an amd Athlon II x4 630e but it couldn't affect my performance that severely! anyways has anyone ever had problems like this before? could it be my mobos pcie version?

Thanks, Hank Francis
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  1. Unless overclocked the CPU would hold you back.

    Also what was the other persons configuration ?

    Were you both playing at the same resolution ?

    Were you both playing at the same settings ?
  2. Yeah its not unlocked so I don't think I can is there a way to unlock it? also his config was a i7 920 @3.0ghz a 560ti and yes we were both playing at maxed setting @ 1680x1050 but I have noticed it on many games even TES: IV Oblivion. and correct me if im wrong but I believe a 6970 can run oblivion maxed out
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