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Going to be placing an order for parts for my first custom build. I want to know if I will have any problems with cable length of a PSU if I buy a bottom mount case? I read somewhere that it can be a concern but wanted to confirm. Will all PSU's have cables capable of reaching the proper connections?
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  1. It actually depends on the case and PSU. Most modern quality PSU's have cables that will work in a full tower case.
  2. Thermaltake VN400A1W2N Commander Mid Tower Case and
    DiabloTek PSUL675 UL Series ATX Power Supply - 675W

    Would these work together?
  3. Sathid said:


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  4. Lol Diablotek is a brand to be avoided.
  5. If you can, switch the Power Supply to something better like Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling or Seasonic.
    The only thing you could have problems is the EPS 12V 8 Pin connector (For the CPU, in the superior right corner of the motherboard), but you could get an 8 Pin extension.
  6. Thanks all
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