HIS Radeon 7850, No signal through HDMI or LCD Monitor?

This is a very strange issue I've encountered with my 3 week old HIS 7850 after coming back from a holiday. Basically When i turn my computer on, it seems to boot up fine but the tv i've had it hooked up to via hdmi cable says no signal. I've waited for minutes and nothing happens. It was working fine prior to going on holiday and nothing has been touched or altered in the 2 week period of it not being used. I bought an $150 LCD LG monitor today to see if that would fix the problem but I am getting no signal through that aswell, it just goes into power saving mode. Anyone have any clue what the problem could be? Thanks,
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  1. PS My system specs are:
    Intel i7 2600k
    8GB Ram
    HIS Radeon 7850
    650w power supply

    I'm sure the power supply wouldnt be causing the problem, as that would be adequate voltage am i correct? plus it was working fine before i left, i'm really confused and i hope my $260 card hasnt bricked itself already :/
  2. Okay just a quick update, I brang the pc to my friend who built the computer for me in the first place to see if he could fix the problem, he opened it up, tinkered with the graphics cards mount for a few seconds, said it was a tad loose, he then closed it up again, we rebooted and voila! the computer started displaying on my hd tv and his monitor! now i've packed it up and headed back home, it's all plugged in again but the bastard still wont come up on my tv again, with no signal being picked up! Since it started working again after the radeon was slightly adjusted, could the problem be not a defective card but a loose fitting in the case? It's impossibleto shift this thing anywhere without the card coming loose and not giving off a signal it seems...
  3. What TV are you trying to use? Some TVs have issues with PCs for whatever reason.
  4. An MXT LCD TV, never had any issues with i before i came back from holiday, I also tested with a brand new LG LCD monitor and another tv in the house just to make sure, i think it's the cards fault.
  5. What case are you using?

    Have you pushed it back in to place at your house to see if that gets a signal?
  6. I'm using an iPower branded case, i think the model is an i9, this is what it looks like

    Yes I did open up the side myself and gently push it upwards into the motherboard to try see if i could get it to click back into place, but i did not push too hard as i dont want to snap the motherboard lol. I don't think anything major motherboard related is broken as i hear the windows tune as it boots up through my speakers and i can activatecaps lock, mouse is turned on etc,
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