AOC Monitor & HiS Radeon HD5770

Hi, I have an AOC monitor with a DVI-D connection and a PC-VGA on the back. I also have a HiS Radeon HD5770 with two DVI-I connections and a HDMI connection. When I plug the HDMI through a HDMI cable into my HD TV it works so the graphics card is fine. Yet when I try and connect it using DVI to the monitor it doesn't work. I've tried using a PC-VGA lead from the monitor into the back of a PC-VGA to DVI adapter on the back and doesn't work, also I've tried connecting using just a DVI lead it doesn't work.
I use the following hardware/components -
Graphics Card:

Am I using the correct cable or not?
Thanks a lot!
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  1. Is anyone actually willing to help me or am I just wasting my time on this forum? I don't know if I've posted this in the correct sub-category or whatever but please help.
  2. open the ATI catalyst control panel and read what you see on the screen.
  3. Hi, I used AMD Vision Engine Control Center and went to Detect Displays while I had my TV plugged in through HDMI and my monitor through DVI and it was showing as if only the TV was plugged in if that helps?
  4. Try to manually check the Source section of the monitor. Usually, it is not set to autodetect. Manually adjust it to DVI-D or something.

    If that does not work, try plugging your video card to another monitor using the DVI. If that doesn't work, try using a different wire. After that, if it still does not work, you might have gotten a video card with a defective DVI port.
  5. go to catalyst and display options click on detect displays and see
    or else rma your monitor
    it may have a busted dvi port...
  6. I have tried detecting displays and the monitor still doesn't receive a signal... The DVI port on the monitor is definitely okay as I have used the NVIDIA 9600GT GeForce with the DVI cable and it recognizes that... The person I bought the card from said he had tested it before sending it out and it was fine so I think it might be the wrong lead or something? Would a DVI-D to HDMI cable work and use it through HDMI? And also what difference in quality is there through HDMI rather than DVI?
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