DVD-RW and Radeon IGP340M

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I just noticed that Fujitsu just came out with a new line of C series notebooks with a DVD-RW. That's the first I've seen.

Thing is they use this radeon chip that utilizes UMA. I know that's a big negative as far as performance goes, but does this chip have any promise considering its relatively high potential memory alotment?

Could someone give me an idea as to how this chip would perform versus, say a card with 16/32MB on board?
The Card Description:
ATI® Mobility RADEON™ IGP340M (integrated graphics processor) with selectable UMA video memory up to 64MB (32MB factory default).

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  1. Ron has a hp p4 1.6MHz with uma and it gets like 800 3dmarks.
    Harvey has a Tosh p4 at 1.8Mhz with 32 meg radeon and gets 1600.
    I have a Sager 2G with 64M Radeon 7500 which gets 4800.
    Bill just got a Pro-Star 2.8GHz p4 with Radeon 9000 that gets 7135 3dmarks.

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