GTX 680 power 6+8pin only got x2 6pin


I've just recieved my gtx 680 this morning :-D

now my PSU an aging jeantech storm 700w (next thing to be replaced in a few months) it has x2 6 pin adaptors and the GTX 680 is Palit and requires a 6pin+8pin power.

In the 680's box i got an adaptor x2 6pin = 8pin which is great but as soon as i use my only two 6 pin for that single 8pin on the GPU i have nothing to go in the remaining 6 pin on the GPU.

I do however from my previos GTX 460 box have a x2 3pin molex = 6pin adapter.

my concern is this seems a very odd bodd job in giving the GPU the juice it needs. Will everything be ok with this kind of setup until i can replace my PSU with something more up to date in a few months.

my other option i was thinking that might not be as good is buy one of these single 6pin to 8pin adaptors but reading up x2 6pin to 8pin is reccommeded for the 150w the 8pin typically supplies.

Cheers for reading

advices appreciated :-D
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  1. Do not double post, for a GTX 680 you need a new psu for full performance
    Nobody here will recommend using 2 adapters on a gtx 680 so you have you answer from the last post.
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