Configur two ISP internet line in one Nic Card

I want to use two seperate ISP's internet connection in single nic card. How to do this? Help me
One ip is
gate way
DNs 1


Gate way
dns 1
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  1. You probably can't, at least not without more hardware. Please explain WHY you need this, and what hardware you already have in place.
  2. I have a server in my head office, in which we have our mail server, and web server also, we can only access that server when ever we connect with that server with VPN. our local office is connected with that server by a cisco VPN router, in office we can access our mail and web server, but from outside of our office we cant access that server , now i wanted to install one server in my local office, on that server i want to use another internet line and want to rout the DNS of my cisco router through this local office server . so when ever user will connect to my local office server by VPN the will get the cisco router DNS and can access the mail and web server also of head office. for that i have to use 2 gateway, one gate way for cisco router and another gate way for internet line in my local server. this is the problem, how can i use 2 gateway in two seperate nic, without one nic, help me.
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