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Which is better Intel i5 or i7 for programmers

I have been saving for a Intel i7, but i have heard that an i5 is better for gaming.The i5 will be mutch cheaper and will give me extra money to spend on graphics card, I also want to study porgraming or hacking in 3 years... What should i get i7 or i5?
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    The i5 is not better. Its a question of what you need, and what you need to spend to get the results you desire. Its the same identical processor (the i5) as the i7, but without hyperthreading. Many games run better on a non-hyperthreaded CPU, but its a not a huge thing. You get an i7 if any programs you use can make benefit from the hyperthreading the i7 has, and if you want the extra 5-7% performance when gaming, you can disable hyperthreading in the BIOS. If you don't use any other programs that can benefit from hyperthreading then you save a few bucks and get the i5.
  2. Honestly, get the i5-3770k. You will see much better performance while gaming with a better GPU, and an overclocked i5 outperforms a stock i7 in pretty much every scenario.,review-32612-4.html

    The performance benefit from hyperthreading is so small that you will likely not miss it at all.
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