Graphics card? Problem.

Hi there, about 7 months ago i built myself a computer and everything has been fine until about an hour ago. I was playing a game when i shifted in my seat and Hit my knee quite hard on the desk. The game froze and i lost all audio.

I reboot the computer only to have my monitor stay blank. After a couple reboots i noticed that while booting up the beeping pattern has changed. The initial beep takes longer to happen, after about 4 seconds it is followed by 2 quieter and smaller beeps which is then followed by another, original sounding beep.

After poking around these forums im thinking its a gfx card issue however i just want to be sure before i start messing with things. Everything inside looks and feels plugged in correctly.

My build is;
Nvidia gtx 570, i5 2500k, asus p8z68-v and 8gb of ram. as i said it was all working before. Thanks in advance.
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  1. do you still not get video? or have you gotten video back when you turn on your but its just a different beep pattern?.....if you still haven't gotten video back check your cable connections make sure its seated into the monitor well also check the port on your gpu......if that doesnt fix it crack open the pc and make sure all of the power cables and data cables are plugged in firmly and make sure the card is still seated correctly....i cant imagine a knee bump to the desk could cause this serious of an issue besides causing a cable to come loose
  2. Good idea would be to take out the discrete GPU (your Nvidia card), plug your monitor cable to the onboard video outs (I see you have an i5 with integrated video, and a Z68 chipset) and see if you still get the same problem. If the problem goes away, it MAYBE the Nvidia card. In the meanwhile, clean out any dust that built up, and re-seat the ram.
  3. Open up the PC, reseat the card. I once knocked hard to my desk with my knee as well. It froze, then went to BSOD but couldn't find a disk to flush the dump file to. I restarted my PC only to find that my windows drive wasn't there.. I opened the PC and guess what! The SATA cable slipped out of the hard drive. There's a good possibility something like that happened to you.
  4. try to reconnect all your power cables and try your luck!
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