GTX 680 not performing well?

I've just recently installed my new Gigabyte GTX 680 Windforce x3 (upgraded from two 6970s; i plan on buying another 680 later).

I was reviewing these benchmark (along with others) before my purchase:

When running Batman: Arkham City at the settings suggested in the window, I noticed that my computer (FRAPS on) did not yield the same results. I got 40-50 fps with vysnc off when flying roof to roof and running around the city. That can't be right for a card that supposidly dominates this game.

I got an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5 ghz and 8 GB of RAM, running at 1980x1050 resolution 1080p.

Other benchmarks note how the 680 with vsync off perform at 70-95 fps at my resolution. Something is wrong here, right?
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  1. Could you run a benchmark? Like unigine heaven? That might tell you whether the card is functioning properly.
  2. I have and it runs as it should. Its only in this particular game that doesn't. Why is that?
  3. The game install might be corrupted, have you tried reinstalling it? Do other games run ok?
  4. Hmm. Let me verify the integrity of the cache.
  5. Yeah, Just Cause 2 and Skyrim play as they should.
  6. its the game... i have sli 670's and the game runs like crap.

    the trick is to turn off dx11 features and tesselation... i bet you the game will then run perfectly!!

    it doesnt matter what sort of spec machine you have... this game is broken with dx11, even after the patch!
  7. Yeah, that's what I was just coming to terms with until I reviewed that benchmark. How did they achieve those results?
  8. Verified the integrity of the game chance and still: the same poor results. I'm going to try re installing the game later tonight. Might be a poor console port.
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    It's the game, run it in DX9 mode and it will be fine, the benchmark results you are refering to are likely from the games ingame benchmark, which gives you an average, run it yourself, you'll likely see dips in fps to the 10s, but highs of over 100 fps.

    The game engine itself is a heap of crap, I did a lot of research on this when I got my 7970, thought the card was broken :/
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  11. Thanks!
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