FPS spike / lag spikes

I need some help and input to find a solution on my problem.
I choose to build my own system for the first time two years ago. I bought a decent system with some 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
and EVGA GTX 670 which I use today with my second home build system which I built recently, the system are as following:
MB: ASUS Maximus V Extreme, Intel® Core i7-3770K Processor, a PCIe x4 OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 SSD 240GB which I have my System on,
And the RAM and GPU from the previous system ("16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM and EVGA GTX 670"). Well anyway my problem is as the
Title of the Thread says, I got these really annoying FPS spikes or fps "lag" when I run games. This is on all games I have tried so far,
which is ARMA 2 (DayZ), Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3, Planetside 2 Beta, The Secret World. The Fps spike are hard to describe, it's like if
you're running something really heavy in the background but my system should actually run these games really good.
Actually my previous system didn't have this on the similar games, it was basically just a AMD processor and MB which were different.
And I didn't have the blazing fast PCIe SSD though, I have a program called Driver Navigator which finds all missing and outdated drivers
on my system. So I have all the new Drivers. But have anyone had the same problem and have any solution for it? Or does anyone
assume what the problem could be?
If you need more information to help I am more than happy to give you so. :)
Thanks in Advance
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  1. PS: When the lag spike or fps spike starts the sound get choppy too. I was abit lazy explaining the FPS spike, but as I said it's like something is running really heavily in the background and makes your game lag up, for example an Anti Virus program searching in the background or something. But sometimes this lagspikes stopes and it's back to normal for a few seconds maybe 20sec or so.
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