Below 800$ first gaming rig. Opinions?

Hey everyone, I'm shopping for my first gaming rig and this is the build that I've come up with. Is there anything that would be more efficient for arround the same price or is there any compatibility issues that I've missed? Thanks alot guys.

Please note that I am canadian so U.S deals on Amazon or Newegg are not an option :(
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  1. Also have 2x mobos listed.
  2. You accidentally listed 2x i5's. Get a cheaper modular PSU.
  3. Hello!

    At first glance I notice that there are two motherboards and no hard drive...mistake maybe? You're also going to need a power supply.

    I like your choice of CPU/GPU though. Perfect for a lower-end price range in my opinion.

    Make sure not to overlook the PSU, it's important. A PSU can make or break your build.

    For the mobo, might I suggest this:

    It's a pretty sweet board for that price, and is what I would choose at that price range. It's only a small step down from what I have in my rig, which is as good as is practical (for gaming purposes).

    Also, and this might be hard to take, have you considered just waiting a bit and getting a better budget? Think about how long you will have this PC for, and how many hours you will use it. Is it really worth saving maybe a month max just to get it sooner? I would weigh your options and just save up more until you can get a more beefy rig (with a nice GTX 670 or something). Just a thought though.
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