Building a new system, need part recommendations.

Things I need:
Case (I have an old Dell Case, but it looks like a hassle to work in.)

Power supply (I have an the Dell powers supply that came in my old case, but not sure it would be strong enough for a new system).


Video Card


Other stuff I've forgotten (I'm pretty new to this).

Things I have that system needs to be compatible with:

SATA Hard Drive
Asus VS248 (Decent monitor, but has ghosting issues which may be due to graphics card compatibility. Hopefully somebody who has the same monitor can recommend a graphics card that works in their system)

Fortunately, I don't need an operating system, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc.

Looking to build a new-game capable system for 500-750 bucks. The biggest issue I'm concerned about is getting parts that aren't compatible or don't work well together, so ideally recommenders have a similar complete system rather than just good experiences with an individual part.

Timeframe is ASAP. Current system needs to run checkdisk on startup...
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  1. CPU: AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz
    Video Card: GTX 550 TI
    RAM: Corsair 8gb dual RAM sticks (low profile)
    PSU: Go with a Corsair - 450W+
    Case: Any case that is ascetically pleasing and isn't found to be too enclosed, you might be able to get a deal with the case and PSU in one
    Motherboard: I recommend ASUS, don't go too cheap, keep it generally above $120

    Total: $500. - 650.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies.

    O1die, have you used those components together? Compatibility is the thing I'm most worried about. Also, any thoughts on that video card working with my Asus monitor? I currently get some annoying ghosting effects that I think come from it disliking my current video card.

    As far as games go, I mostly Team Fortress 2. I would like to be able to play some more modern games though. Things like Dark Souls, Dragon Age and the Mass Effect series.
  3. asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard
    amd 7870 gpu , look that up in toms hard ware for benchmarks.
    cooler master hyper 212 plus processor cooler.
    cooler master haf 912 case
    i3 2120 for budget or i5 3750k.
    dont forget your anti static bracelet please! ground your self!
  4. Appreciate the suggestions so far. Another question: I want pretty quiet fans in the power supply and the graphics card. How do the ones suggested so far rate for silent fans? Or which ones rate the best for silence?
  5. I use an ocz power supply with 135mm fan, and it's almost silent. Hard to rate graphics cards. I go by the newegg reviews. Mine has a fanless heatsink, but it's low end.
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