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I'm currently using a 32 inch 1080p hdtv as my monitor, and it also allows me to connect my video game consoles (SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, PS2, PS3, X360) to it. Despite claims I've seen in the forums that TVs aren't well-suited to text, it looks fine once I set up cleartype to handle the BGR supixel layout. However, part of the reason I got this one was for the passive 3d. Now that I've tried it, I find the row-interleaving to be a serious drawback. I'm scared to try a current-gen active 3d monitor, because I expect the 60hz per eye to give me a headache just like looking at a CRT monitor running at 60hz does (if a 3d monitor comes out that runs 85hz or higher per eye, I would be less fearful of the flicker; also, technically I tried active 3d 10 years or so ago with a CRT monitor and Elsa Revelator glasses, but I don't remember how bad the flicker was, and there was also the problem that CRT monitors could only get high enough refresh at low resolution), and looking at my Nintendo 3DS, I notice an additional source of eyestrain that active 3d can't eliminate, which is that my eyes still have to focus at the screen distance even when the 3d effect is simulating a different distance.

Now I'm considering getting a 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 display a few months down the road (or possibly even higher resolution if one comes out soon), but of the monitors with those resolutions currently available, only the Dell U2711 has sufficient inputs for my game consoles, and it's expensive - aside from getting it wholesale from China (which I might not really be able to do, depending on their requirements for wholesale prices), it costs around $750 or so. I'm wondering if I could save money by getting a tuner or capture device to complement a less-expensive dvi-only monitor at this resolution (like the Yamakasi Catleap for $300). My computer specs are in my profile. I don't think I'd have much trouble getting enough performance from my CPU/GPU, but I've read user reviews that indicate some capture and tuner cards have weird compatibility problems with certain cpus or motherboards. I'm willing to consider getting a new motherboard and/or cpu as long as the total remains significantly cheaper than a U2711.

For the SNES and N64, I need composite input (unless I decide to play by emulator instead), component (YPbPr) for the other consoles, and preferably HDMI for the PS3 and X360. I don't require the ability to record footage from my console games, I'm concerned about additional lag, and 1080p60 support would be nice (I could probably settle for 1080i60 if I have to).

What's the best tuner/capture device for this, or do they all have issues that would leave me better off just getting the U2711?
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  1. You have to be very very careful with the catleap. While its an awesome monitor it will only accept a dual link dvi cable, and absolutely nothing else. I'm not sure if a HDMI to dual link DVI will work for your consoles or not. They do make another catleap monitor thats still cheaper than the dell but has more inputs.

    It supports dual link dvi, hdmi, and dsub, and they said it will work for consols. So I'd dish out the extra $80 and get that instead just for piece of mind and you won't have to buy any weird converters.

    Then use this for your snes, hopefully that should do the trick:

    You can also find hdmi/dvi -> component, but those are around $20 or so, just google it.
  2. That alternative Catleap is attractive, at least for the X360 and PS3 that have HDMI outputs. However, even if I figure on using emulators for the SNES and N64 (and run PS1/PS2 games on the PS3), that still leaves the Wii and GameCube to deal with, which normally only have component as best output. I had some issues several years ago with converting component and composite to vga with a Samsung 930B, so I'd want to know ahead of time that the converters would work with the Catleap.
  3. Theres huge support for catleap over at OCN. I'm sure if you post there someone will be able to tell you about compatibility with different adaptors:

    There are also different korean models that you could check out. I know crossover makes one that basically identical to the catleap but under different branding.

    I was spectacle about buying my catleap because I didnt know how I felt about no AG coating like the U2711 has (which I tried before), but it really does look a lot better. Hopefully you can figure out what adapters you'll need.
  4. I had a little trouble getting the registration confirmation link via email (turned out it was just delayed somewhere), but I've asked about converters and I'll have to wait for a reply. In the meantime, suggestions for tuner/capture devices would be welcome in case nobody knows of converters certain to work with the Catleap multi-input. I found another alternative monitor, though:
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