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Phemon to FX, do I need a clean windows install

Just ordered an 8320 which is replacing a Phenom x6. Will I need a clean Windows 8 install?

I have a technet subscription so I not really concerned about the licence. I'm more concerned about the hassle. I know a clean install is the ideal route in most cases but would like the ease of just being able to drop in the FX and go.

The CPU move is primarily to get the x6 into the HTPC with a couple cablecard tuners recently purchased. I'm fairly new at using WMC as a DVR, but I've quickly realized for me to do everything I want it to do an x2 Athlon isn't going to cut it for conversion, commercial removal, streaming, and HD playback simultaneously.

I know going from x2 to x6 isn't an issue, just not sure about x6 to FX.

Thanks in advance.
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    No clean install is needed, just make sure you have a compatible BIOS
  2. ^^ No, just make sure you have the latest update for your BIOS.
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