How is this budget mATX gaming build?

I'm looking for opinions and insight on the build that I have attempted to put together. I am lenient on all the parts I have picked. I want to know if my current build would work and what better options there might be. Thanks in advance!

Price Range: $500-$900
Overclocking: Maybe
Usage: Gaming (GW2, LOL, TF2), and hosting a small Minecraft server
What I'm looking for: Quiet, low profile, small

List of parts
i3-3220 $130
mATX b75 Mobo $70
Fractal 1000 mATX case $40
Antec 450w PSU $35
GTX 550 Ti $115
Corsair 8gb memory $45
Acer 21" Monitor $120
I have not yet decided between $100 hard drive (2TB) and $100 SSD (128GB)
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  1. Get the HDD. A 128GB SSD will be $60-$80 in a few months. The ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP is $10 more and gives you bang for the buck.
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