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Hi guys,
I have an external Benq 22-inch monitor connected to my laptop. My monitor is actually 1920x1080p, but my laptop is only 1024x768p (I think so), so I get the same resolution in the monitor and it does'nt look very good. Do I have any option to improve the resolution of my monitor @ this stage to full resolution it can support?

Thanks in advance.
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    Try right clicking your desktop and selecting either properties or screen resolution and you should see to little screens in a box the one labeled #2 should be your monitor if it's not already selected select it, there should be a drop down box labeled resolution, drop that down and pick 1920 x 1080 if your laptop can produce that, mine can only go as high as 1600 x 900 but yours might be able to go higher or you may just have to live with a bit lower resolution than your monitor can go.
    Edit: Also which os are you on and what kind of cable are you using?
  2. Already tried that and my laptop can only produce 1080x780 resolution :( I use vista home premium and the cable I got along with the monitor connected directly to the port in my laptop.
  3. If it's a vga cable, it's not possible due to vga only being able to do about 720p so grab yourself an hdmi and you oughta be fine.
  4. My monitor has no HDMI connectivity. But it's resolution is 1920x1080. Model Benq G222HDL
  5. My monitor has no HDMI connectivity. But it's resolution is 1920x1080. Model Benq G222HDL
  6. I personally have never used dvi and do not know what it can carry but I'll do some research and get back to you soon. (Also you're based in India?)
  7. yes. I'm in INdia. Thanks mate :)
    Well this confirms my beliefs about VGA.
    Maybe try downloading the manual from that link you posted as it may contain what it likes to be set at while coneccted via dvi, also it appears to have 16:9 ratio so check that in resolutions.
  9. Hi Ghouldude,
    I'm sorry, I just changed the monitor resolution like you said and it works fine totally.
    I tried it few days back and since I had a low resolution wall paper, it looked like a monitor that's inside my monitor ( It looked as if the wall paper was in the center and 3 inches on either side were blacked out).
    Screen looks beautiful now. I have a 1920x1080 wall paper now.
    Thanks :)
  10. Where's an emoticon for face smacking when you need one, lol.

    Well enjoy your new fancy monitor! :)
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  12. Haha.. My monitor looks so large now :D
    Thanks :D
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