Dell Optiplex GX280 P4 3.0GHz Replaced Fan but is it good enough?

So I have the Desktop Tower (Bigger one of the 3 forms they comes in) that had 1 100mm(Maybe, smaller than the 120mm, but bigger than the 80MM) fan that comes factory from Dell. The problem is that anytime the CPU does anything more than %20 the fan spins up to full speed and it's LOUD! It sounds like the entire box is about to take off like a rocket or something that's how loud it is, and it's not damaged or anything - it's just how fast it spins and the way it's made.
Now I had already cleaned out the entire box to make sure it was vented ok, and I even pulled the CPU/HEATSYNC out, cleaned all the old thermal paste off both and reapplied with top quality thermal paste(I'm not a noob as doing this, so I know it's installed and healed correctly) reinstalled perfectly. Reinstalled fresh copy of Windows XP and as always the fan would spin up to turbo the entire time I use the machine.
Btw - all the caps LOOK good, none of them look like they're even slightly popped or fat--
So this fan is mounted on the back of the PC Case grill with some plastic covert/tunnel forming going from the fan to the heat sync.

Now I have tried tons of fan control apps and everything with no success...I found one app that would error out but I could turn the fan down using it...but it was a again in the but!
So I recently installed Ubuntu to setup as a PLEX Media Server to see if the fan would act any different; it didn't spin up to turbo right away and it hardly went all the way to turbo but still spun up pretty high.
So this is what I did and since this PC has no sensors setup in bios or any other way to monitor sensors/fans I'm a but worried tht possibly the new setup might not work nearly as good at keeping it cool. I'm not really all tht worried about it blowing the CPU or anything because at this point I'd be happy to be done with it..I'm kinda worried about it catching fire or something because of how hot it could possibly get. So let me run down the list of what I did and any opinions if you think this should be good enough.

Bought 2 PC Fans from my local Radio Shack; 1 Thunderblade 80mm Blue LED Fan(it was the only 80mm fan they had) & 1 Thunderblade 120mm PC Fan.
** Neither of these run nearly as fast as the original one, but they do push some air**

-first I installed the 80mm fan: I took self-Tapping screws and used w nuts(as spaces so that the fan wasn't right up against the heat sync but still very close) screwed the fan to the side of the Heatsync so that it was blowing air through the heat sync towards the back of the PC (still using the plastic tunnel things).
-then on the outside of the case I screwed the 120mm fan in the same place except outside where the original fan was on the box facing out so that it's pulling air out of the box. My thought is that the 80mm pushes cold air through the blades of the heat sync and through to the 120mm fan out. They are both wired so that they are on full speed all the time which isn't loud and I can't hear them anyways.

So the best way I tested it was I have a Weather Temp kit that comes with a wireless device you would out outside which sends the temp back to the display on my desk. I put that inside the PC kinda near the CPU and within Unbuntu I ran a CPU Stress test which ran the CPU at %100 for 3 hours straigh and the temp of the inside of the box never passed 78degree F.

So there it all is....not sure how good the way I measured the temp since it just told me how hot the temp was inside the box, but if the CPU was getting really really hot I would think it would get a lot hotter than that. And it mainly stayed around 76,77F - I said 78 because it reached that for a min.

Anyone have any input? Think this should be ok? If you need pictures I can take some and email.
Thanks for any input you can share.
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  1. Well the CPU will be hotter than the air inside the case.

    Try and find a CPU temp program, i think PC wizard might work with P4s.
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