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Hello, Will a AMD ATI Radeon 2GB DDR3 PCI Express Video Graphics Card work in a AsRock Z68 LGA1155 Intel Motherboard?
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  1. I suppose I should ask which one, but it doesn't really matter, it should work.
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    Yes, It will work with that motherboard. The only other issues, (Which I can't answer without more info) are whether it will fit in your case and if you have a correctly sized power supply. We would need the make and model of your case, and the make and model of your Power supply as well as the complete specification of the Video card.
  3. jenkins08 said:

    Looks like all should be well, although I'm not too fond of the PSU. The Basiq PSU's aren't the greatest, but assuming the GPU isn't some power hungry beast, it should be passable.

    And no real need to worry about cooling with that CPU, since you can't really OC it (much). You can add up to 3 extra fans to the case should you deem it necessary, but I think you'll be fine. That's really more important for the GPU than the CPU though.
  4. Between these two cases, which would be better with my quad processor and keeping it cool. This case: with this as a power supply:

    Or this case that has its own power supply:
  5. Raidmax PSU's are total, utter, and complete junk, so I DON'T recommend using the PSU in THAT case. The case may be ok, but I WILL NOT let you use that PSU, lol.

    The Three Hundred is just fine for cooling, though. Go with that one.
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  7. Thank so much. You saved me a headache.
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