Home Router gets bumped off by me and my sister's Computer. Why?

So I have been having a problem at home where me and my sisters laptop bumps the wireless router offline every 5-10 minutes. Every other computer is fine, except ours. We have tried with the wire and that didn't work either. Another thing is, if we go somewhere else and go online with our computers, it works just fine.

Our laptops are-Lenovo Win7 PC
Processor:Genuine Intel(r) CPU U7300

Our Router is from Frontier,
Westell Model 7500 {A90-70045-07}
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  1. Did someone at some point manually enter an IP for that connection? If someone assigned a static ip for your computers that happens to be the same as the router you will be booted every time.
  2. No. No one has entered an IP for the connection. There is a delay before connection is lost that ranges from 2-10 minutes. But for those 2-10 minutes, i can go on the computer and have internet connection. After the connection is lost, i cant even find the connection for about 3 minutes.
  3. Gonna have to check the router configs. Since this is a verizon router you may want to contact them before you have a go at it yourself. I am no incredibly familiar with this unit so I'm not sure on all the details, so it could be 100's of things.

    Another solution may be to install a wireless access point on one of the data ports, and config that yourself. You should be able to pick up a cheap wireless N for around 50 bucks.

    I'm sorry without sitting in front of your router and computer that's the best I can offer. Sorry :(
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