No Display Need Help VGA to DVI!

I recently just finished my PC Build and i connected my Monitor to my Graphics card and i turn on the Monitor. Says No Display Check Video Cables

My monitor is a Hanns G and has a DVI Male input and a VGA input. I went with the VGA just because.

My Graphics card is an XFX 7770 Radeon Black Edition. Has a DVI Universal. Can basically accept any DVI cord.

I plugged in one side of my VGA cable to my Monitor and the other side to a adapter (VGA to DVI) and plugged in the otherside of the adapter to the Graphics card.

Turned on the Monitor and displays No Display Check Video Cables...

What i'am i doing wrong?

Thanks for any help
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  1. So just to check, you have a DVI to DVI cable. You have a GPU with a DVI connector and you have a monitor with a DVI cable. Yet you used the VGA "just because"? Try using DVI on the monitor and report back.
  2. Well really wasnt just because more of just cause i didnt want to buy a DVI cable. But i will buy one for the sake of it.
  3. Just to ask should does it matter if i get what type of DVI cable i get. If yes which one is recommended
  4. Also no i have a VGA to DVi. I connect the VGA cable to the VGA end of the adapter and on the otherside of the adapter is a DVI end and i plug that into the GPU.
  5. What is confusing me is that you keep using the term adapter. To be a clear as possible what I'm reading (ignoring the adapter word) is that you have the monitor<-VGA to DVI cable->GPU. Is this correct? If so that shouldn't be a problem. From the way you explained it before you were using a DVI to DVI cable with a DVI to VGA adapter, which can cause issues.

    Check that the GPU is pushed all the way in to it's PCIe lane. Does the fan spin up?
  6. Yes the way you said it is what it is. Excuse me for my horrible explanation. The GPU is pushed in both fans on the GPU spin up aswell.
  7. There are a few things you can try.

    Get a DVI to DVI cable and try that.
    Borrow another monitor and try it.
    Plug in another GPU and see if it works with your current monitor and cable.
  8. Yea, I'am planning on going out to get a DVI to DVI cable. So once i get it i'll report back to you thanks for your help so far.
  9. Well i bought a DVI cable that you recommended. And didnt work.
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