RAM upgrade makes the PC not start


I recently bought a RAM upgrade to my PC and suddenly it doesnt want to power up. It lights on and shuts back down after like 5secs and never boots.

My setup:
Asus P6T Deluxe
Core i7 920
Gainward HD 4870x2
1x3 3GB 1066MHz RAM - went to 2x3 6GB 1333MHz
1000W PSU
Antec 1200

After i replaced it with the default RAM i had before, it started just fine. What may be wrong? I really want to upgrade that ram because i went from 32bit to 64bit and 3GB is kinda bottleneck.

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  1. this board use triple channel memory check if the one you bought is on the qvl list and will work with the first one you already have .
  2. somehow it got fixed, for no apparent reason. Im happy though
  3. how did you fix it post the answer it could help others with the same issue .
  4. actually i just removed it and installed back, that seemed to work. nothing more
  5. maybe there was one stick that was not well seated in the motherboard slot .
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