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Hello, I work for a non-profit organization called Connections of Moorhead. We need around 10 cheap laptops that only need to really be able to browse the internet and type. As long as they work and have at least xp on them they will be perfect.

Can you think of any source that would work?

Thank you
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  1. There are two types of refurb laptops.

    1. Sales channels returns. They are in great shape, generally never used. They are sold by outlet stored by Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. The stock tends to change day by day. You get all the material sold with a new laptop. Manufacturer refurbished laptops are typically sold at roughly 1/2 price. (I use an outlet refurb laptops from lenovo and have purchsed many refrun HPs and Sonys over the years).

    2. Used equipment, especially off-lease business laptops. The computer has had a hard life and is now being sold for about a third of its original cost. The laptop has been "refurbished" by cleaning it and returning the software to factory install. Some laptops that got a customer load are sold with no operating system.

    Suggest you do the following
    1. Look at best buy and see what a new laptop costs. You can get a passable laptop for under $300 new. For example: If this is in your range see about a quantity discount.
    2. Contact Lenovo, HP and Dell and see if they will work a deal for you for refurb or new laptops. Maybe being a charity will give you access to a good deal.
    3. Check out an auction site that sells refurbs like -- but you are not likely to get 10 matched laptops.
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