No display from graphics card, tried absolutely everything!!

I am at the point of breaking. I built my first computer the other day. Everything went perfect after a lot of research.

i bourght a brand new Asus M4A78LE-M LT Mobo
A Brand new Vantage Diablo Gamers case.
Brand Seagate 500gb 7200 rpm HDD
a Brand new 750w PSU
4gb of brand new ram
& a brand new GeForce GTX 560 Graphics card.
The only thing thats not brand new is my CPU which is a AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 ghz.
Im running windows Vista Home Premum for now.

I made this rig purely so i could enjoy playing PC cames as my laptop with a 8600GT is dated.

The one thing i cant get to work is my stupid graphics card. I've tried everthing believe me.
ive tried connecting it via dvi vga and hdmi and none of them will display. Ive tried uninstaling all the intergrated drivers and then trying but still no luck. Ive tried making sure its set to boot from the primary graphics from the pcie x16 slot.
ive tried reseting the CMOS. And these are just standard checks to get it working. ive also tried: -

Using a completly different monitor other than my 42" Toshiba Regza.
I've tried using a GeForce 2400GT different card using all 3 connector types and still no luck.
I've tried today installing a completly new motherboard at hope thinkn the problem must have been my pcie 2.0 slot. So no i have a Asus M5A78L -MLX3.

I even tried after instaling my new mobo (The third one ive bought now) booting first time with no cd/dvd drives connected, no HDD. Just simpy, the CPU, RAM & GPU. Nothing.

Please dont suggest simple reasons such as is the vga cable connected to the gpu not the motherboard, or is the external 6 pin power supply to the gpu connected or the card correctly sitted in the mobo. Ive honestly checked everything.

I've invested way too much money into this computer just so i could play some descent games and for some reason i just cant. Im on the edge of losing it because even though this is my first build, this is the only problem im having and from extensive research ive been lead to believe instaling one singal graphics card just isnt that hard. Please please help, i really dont want a £500 system to do nothing but browse the ******* internet on :(!
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  1. From what you say I assume you can get it to run using the onboard graphics, is this correct? Since you seem to have tried everything else what is the make on the power supply as some cheap 700W+ models just are not 700W and cannot power a mid range graphics card, especially since you tried another graphics card I think the power supply is the most likely problem.
  2. It might be possible that one of your 6-pin cables from your power supply is bad. Because if your computer is running but two video cards won't turn on, then they probably aren't getting power even though your computer is. Are the video card fans spinning? Is your power supply modular? If so try different cords or moving them to different slots.

    And I know it's obvious, but obvious mistakes are often the case... Assuming your 560 has two 6-pin connectors, did you plug BOTH of them in?
  3. This is the power supply i bourght,

    it was off ebay and cheap true but i just assumed it would be able to power my card. Everything on the computer works flawlessly without the card. Yes fans throughout the computer and on both cards when tried were spinning
  4. ps, yes onboard ATI 3000 are what im using atm.. sadly.
  5. Well if the fans are spinning then Simon12's comments might be on target.

    If you are desperate and bored though... Did your card come with some molex to 6-pin adapters? It might be worth trying that out just to try getting some power from different cables. It probably won't work but it's all I got at the moment aside from trying a different power supply. Then again, if your power supply is that bad, I don't know if it is a risk to try.
  6. Maybe you are right because tbh, other than the power supply ive literally bourght everything new just to elimate the problem or faulty old hardware. i only have a other 250w psu which im assuming is worthless. Luckily for me if all in all i come to no conclusion, i can take the new mobo n card back to amazon, and sell the rig to a friend of mine whos just lookn for a standard computer. I'll be at a loss but i think i'll just end up gettn another laptop or pre built desktop, as fun as its been i've stressed too much over this aha, many thanks for your efforts anyway. Very much appreciated.
  7. Well you came pretty far to bail now. Do you have a friend that would have a power supply to try out? You can get a decent name brand power supply that would run your system starting around $50-60usd. Corsair and Seasonic probably have the highest reputation from what I read. Antec and Rosewill are probably good options too. Something like this for example...
    Make sure it says 80 plus certified. Pretty much any major brand will be. The problem is that crappy brands may say 750 watt but only be 400 or something. A trusted brand will be more accurate.
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