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Hi I am getting an alienware aurora and am concerned about games and compatibility. I would like to get the configuration that has the least issues. Dual GPU cards usually have alot of issues and I was wondering from existing users what their experience was with their cards on games like Saints Row 3 or BF3. I do intend to waterblock the 690 if I end up with that card. Not looking for exactly which is better FPS wise, I am more concerned with which one has less issues. There are many topics about this subject but not many since the cards have been out and I am interested in hearing from peoples experience if they think I should get the 690 or dual 680.
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  1. Sorry if the post seems redone, if you can point to a thread discussing the cards from current users I would like to learn more about any issues. My last setup was dual 6990 and all I have had are issues and would like to avoid these. FPS is not my top priority beign able to play the game is my top priority, thank you.
  2. My guess is most problems affecting one setup would affect the other too. They're both GTX 680-SLI setups after all, just on one vs. two circuitboards.
  3. Quote:
    See that?

    You do not get that with 680 SLi...

    This is why the 690 is so exotic and costs so much, it does not microstutter at all.


    GTX 680s in SLI appear to deliver performance almost identical to that of a GTX 690.
  4. Quote:
    I was involving microstutter, not raw performance.

    Well their numbers appear to show that microstutter is no worse with GTX 680s in SLI than with a GTX 690. Their subjective remarks also back that up.
  5. microstutter such as with the game Fallout new vegas, I found this very bothering. Not because of the looks it just sort of made me sick. Thanks for the feedback it sounds like a single 690 though not more powerful might have less issues. Any other information will be appreciated.
  6. 7970's Crossfire??
  7. Im getting rid of the machine I have with dual 6990's their just more trouble than they are worth. Sort of like kids, their great and I love having them, but I would rather someone else deal with the headache of every single game needing tweaks and fixes.

    Thanks for all the information, I decided on a single 690 and will waterblock it.
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