Question about OCCTR, and about temperature and fan speed

Hi all..

I'm trying to stress test my GPU (GTX 460 core715, memo 1800, shader 1430) using OCCT, and I don't know if thats normal, but the fuzzy round object is not moving.. I'm getting 145fps on 1080p, and no errors, but the picture is still.. Is that normal?

I tried using MSI kombustor, and it worked normal I think, the fuzzy MSI is moving and image looks perfectly fine.. I got average 34fps on 1080p.

Also, are temperatures I find online in reviews like on tomshardware , supposed to be with Fan speed on default or 100% on?? the default of my GPU fan is %40 of its speed.. before I stress tested, I uped it to 80%, and got a load temperature of 74C (165F).. is that good considering fan on %80 and no overclocking (although the card I have is an overclocked edition)?

Thank you.
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  1. What I do is set the way points on the graph so when my temps rise so does my fan that way I don't have to keep adjusting. I don't know if the OCCT fuzzy thing is suppose to move but you would think is should.

    Your temps under load are normal. I will link you to another stress test that migh help you and compair. Good luck to you and I hope this helps.
  2. thank you for your reply.. i'll try them out.
  3. Good let us know how things turn out.
  4. Thank you my friend..

    I did test using Fur yesterday.. good thing about it is that they posted results of different GPUs on the website.. I tweaked my card's setting to match the setting they posted and I got identical results (19fps on 1080p)..

    Regarding temperature, the card maintained a good (I think) result with 74c while fan speed was adjusted to 80%. did NOT try using the default speed of %40.. that would've been a burn in test literally. The benchmark of the card on the website however was 67c..

    So I still don't know.. If the result of 67c was recorded while fan speed on %100, I think I'm okay.. But if it was recorded while fan speed on the default %40, then I have a huge problem..

    Anyone have any idea regarding this?
  5. If you in MSI Afterburner if you set your way points for your fan to increase as temps go up then you have nothing to worry about. Either temp you listed is nothing to worry about. They are in the norms.

    I am asuming that you use MSI Afterburner to monitor or temps, fps, GPU usage? Let me know if that is the case.
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