Upgrade Path Right Now - Ideas?

I'm on the wall about upgrading my setup. With Haswell around the block later this year and AMD's new Steamroller coming out later on as well... Where do I stand? I want to upgrade my motherboard and CPU. (RAM is a no-s#!t option)

My setup right now:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @4.0GHz
8GB DDR2-800 RAM @875MHz
Asus P5Q Pro
AMD HD 7870, will either get another for crossfire or up to a GTX 680.
5 HDD's - 2TB, 1 TB, 160GB, 160GB and 120GB SSD
850 watt CM Silent Pro
Case: Antec P280 and a Kuhler H20 920 for the CPU

Main use for my computer is a hybrid server/workstation/gamer. I use lots of programs like 3Ds Max, Sketchup, Maya, little Photoshop... but I also game a lot, so I need some reasonable advice for my path. The Q9650 and RAM, I have topped out their abilities. And I do not have the extra moolah to get dedicated systems going, for serving and working and gaming.

Also haul my computer to LAN parties and am a server there for local games. :)

Eyeballing the X79 chipset a lot lately.
Motherboard: on the wall between an Asus P9X79 WS and the Supermicro X9SRA
Planning on upping to 32GB's of RAM, ECC is to be determined. Probably recommended.
Will drop it all down with either a 3930k (if the X79 WS) or an equivalent Xeon. I like the Supermicro because it is a no-nonsense motherboard--as is Supermicro in general.

Also open to more suggestions for other sockets/CPU's--from both sides of the fence--AMD/Intel.

I've been preferring more serious computing components like what Supermicro has, over the flashy flash of what Asus, Gigabyte MSI and such have going. More succinct and professional, the better!

Should I stay with my current setup until Haswell comes out? Then IVB-E will be here too, which will make the platform more lively. By all means, the C2Q Q9650 is still a great chip and has some decent resale value.

Opinions appreciated!
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  1. If your budget allows for LGA2011 then there is no competition. The question is only how long to wait with current unit. I personally would go for no wait.
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