5 cards, 1 choice to make. Yes, I've read the article with the 7 670s on Tom's. It only includes 2 of my 5 choices though D:

Which has the best cooling? Performance? Noise? SLI? Design?

BTW, I'm looking at the non-top ASUS version because I've heard tops have had some problems.

Thanks guys!
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    If I were buying, it would be between the MSI and Gigabyte for superior cooling. The Asus looks too much like the Top and I'd be paranoid it would have issues as well.

    Actually reading the reviews for the non-Top Asus, it has some issues too.
  2. I got the EVGA FTW, it runs really quietly and has amazing performance, I don't know about the SLI, although it is 4-way capable, and the design doesn't really matter. If you mean the cooling then it's more than adequate with decent airflow.
  3. Yeah I've also got the EVGA 670 FTW. It's a great card, fairly quiet and great performance. It uses a 680 board and cooling system so it doesn't have to work as hard, therefore better cooling :)

    I've previously owned gigabyte windforce 560ti's and they were very noisy.
  4. The Gigabyte is going to have the best cooling as well as the MSI.
  5. Yeah ! Same as what Pezonator said ! True True ! I also have Evga 670FTW Cool and Quiet ! My entire rig is very quiet , and I cannot even hear my vid card at all. I know it ramps up in heavy game play on high settings but I have never noticed it as being loud even when I take my headphones off :sol:
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