Underclocking a P4

Hi, I have built a NAS out of an old pentium 4 LGA 775 cpu and motherboard.

Computer Hardware
3.2Ghz Intel Pentium 4 (LGA775)
Abit AG8-v Motherboard
1.5Gb Ram (3 Sticks 512)
650w True power Trio

The computer in its current state runs rather hot, I do remember back when it was my main machine that the P4 like to run hot.
As it is now being used as a NAS, running FreeNAS 8 for the OS, i would like to downclock the CPU to keep it running cooler, as I know longer need it running that fast.

I think having the clock speed at around 2Ghz would be sufficient. but I am not sure on what to set everything else at, all the voltages and the like.

any help would be much appreciated thanks.
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  1. Voltages I would leave on auto (stock), the speed could be lowered by reducing the multiplier and the bus speed, overall power consumption goes down with reduction of the bus speed, and reducing the multiplier usually throttles just the processor.
  2. As found in the Abit Manual

    Enter the bios (spam Del)
    Enter uGuru utility
    Lower the Multiplier Factor (this will have a minimum you cannot take it beyond so 2GHz may not be an option)

    I would recommend skipping the next part.
    Toggle "Voltages Control" to "User Defined"
    Set the "CPU Core Voltage" to a lower setting than it's currently at (I have no idea what this might be having never tried it myself)

    I someow feel you may be better served by a modern Atom board or i3 system as it will be more powerful and use less power.
  3. Not so worried about power, or how much power it uses, as the reason for using an old board was only to save money, lowering output was more to lower temperatures.
    (without having to put heaps of fans in the case).
    I have no idea how low i need to go to get it to a decent running temp, so the 2GHz was merely a figured that i thought would be alright.
    Thanks for the information but, I will give it a go and see if it helps.
  4. I was able to get it down to 1.4Ghz with that, changing the multiplier and external clock. it was already on the lowest voltage settings.
    it seams to be running stable.
    as I am only running FreeNAS on it i am unable to determine how much of an improvement it has had yet. haha

    But thanks for your Assistance everyone.
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