Computer dies without warning, please help!

My computer won't stop dying while I'm in games. It happens in every game I play now, it started recently, within the last week or so, and has been getting progressively worse. The death happens as follows:

1. Playing a game like normal.
2. Computer screen goes black, sound turns to feedback, and my tower suddenly gets a good deal louder.

That's it, it's sudden and without prompt or warning. I suspect it's either my power supply dying or my video card going out. Any ideas on a fix? Do I need to buy new parts or is there a software solution?
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  1. Sound like your video card is crashing. Did you by any chance overclock it??
  2. Nope. I don't overclock my video card at all. Would my video card crashing cause my entire computer to crash and lock up? And is there any way to stop that from happening if that's the case?
  3. "case gets louder" find what is causing the noise and work from there, my old vid card fan went bad making moaning sounds, sounded like a ghost getting laid, so if your fan is bad, screech/crash could be the prob..
  4. Maybe your psu is not strong enough or not enough power..
  5. What fans are getting louder? All or just one? Because if the cpu or the gpu fan is getting louder your issue may lye with that. Can you list you system specs: Powersupply, Motherboard, Cpu, Graphics, Ram, etc... Also what games were you playing?
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