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DVD drive will not recognize blank DVD-R

My dvd burner will not recognize a blank dvd-r. I am using imgburn and i get the error "Device not ready: ID CRC or ECC error". The disc is a Taiyo Yuden dvd-r. I was able to burn a Verbatim dvd+r but not the TY dvd-r. My burner is a MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ875AS and my laptop is a Lenovo Y450 running windows 7. I have also tried the same TY disc in another laptop and it was recognized perfectly. Any help on this would be great.
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    Hello zloy88;

    Try cleaning the CD/DVD drive with one of those DVD cleaning discs.
  2. You may need to do a firmware update on your drive if one brand will work but not another. Also your drive may just not like that one brand. That used to happen alot but is less common today.
  3. Ok ill give that a shot and let you know.
  4. You might also check the ImgBurn support forums.
    That "Device not ready: ID CRC or ECC error" error was an ImgBurn error message and not a Windows 7 error message.
  5. The cleaner seems to have worked so far thanks!
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