Can i get away with using an msi 8600 gts with a 300 watt power supply?

Thats basically my using a gateway dx4200-007e power supply

just wondering if i can get away with using an 8600 gts card with a 300 watt supply...

only playing WoW and Diablo 3 on it anyway...seems to work okay.
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  1. An 8600GTS is going to be rather slow for D3 and WoW, but it should work fine on low.

    You should be fine on that power supply with that card.
  2. yea i know the card is a little dated - put the computer together for a friend of mine on the cheap...with parts from a gateway and others...basically to play WoW and D3 with.

    works pretty good with all the bells and whistles (graphic settings) turned on high
  3. Make sure it works well in the most intensive parts, namely the fights, as well. Should work fine though.
  4. yeah barely just no overclocking

    over the years you will have to change thje power supply though, 2 years from now at least
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