Hey guys since I am tired running swtor on my 07 MacBook Pro with low settings and getting 10-20 fps in swtor i have decided to build a desktop and I am going to use my 40 inch tv so I am hoping to play at 1080p and I do have a desktop but it is from like 2004 and the only nice thing is the case and the hdd so I am going to keep those and the cd drive still works so I will keep those to keep the price down but any ways here are the parts

Nvidia gtx 650 110$ with a 20$ mail in rebate

Intel g540 since I am low on funds I choose this one so I can get a i5 later on

Cheap mobo

Choose this psu based on the reviews

And some cheap memory

And I no the CPU will bottle neck it but I am low on funds and it will let me upgrade to a lag 1155 socket CPU later so that's my reasoning

So do you guys think I could run swtor on med at 1080p?
And sorry that its in the CPU section but I'm new and not sure where else to do it cause I'm mostly worried about the CPU
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    Don't take a cheap mobo for i5. Yes, you'll be able to play 1080p with that gtx 650.
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