My first Rig! (Cheap but Kick-ass Build)


Just want to share to you guys what my rig are! :D

This is my first build and i love it! i will upgrade the parts in the near future.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

CPU: Intel core i3 2120 lga 1155

CPU cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212

Case: Cooler Master storm enforcer

GPU: xfx Radeon HD 6850 /or/ msi gtx 550 ti

PSU: Corsair Builder Series CX500 V2

RAM: kingston hyperX blue 8GB ddr3 1600mhz

HDD: Western Degital WD5000AZRX Caviar Blue 500GB

Optical: Lite-On Internal 24x CD/DVD Drive

keyboard: Logitech MK200 Black USB Wired Slim Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Monitor: Samsung 20"S20A300B

If you guys are building your first rig this coming months and want a cheap and good performance, Feel free to try this. :)

Need a suggestion or feedback? feel free to comment.

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  1. Not a bad system by any means. However, there are some issues.
    The i3-2120 is multiplier locked, therefore can be paired at full potential with the Asrock-H61m-dgs and cheaper ddr3-1333 ram.
    The 550 ti is terrible in comparison to the 7770. The 6850/6870 are logical alternatives to the gtx 560.
    The stock intel HSF is more than enough to cool the 2120 as intel issues the exact same cooler for the 2500k.
    A pure value-based build would spend only $50 on the case and psu and get a rosewill combo. The options you picked are quality steps up, it's just that I'd pair them with a more powerful system.
  2. Im not going to overclock this yet since it's my new build that's why i choose i3 2120 over i5 or i7.

    For the stock..hmm im not going to use it since my country had a temp issues and the place where am i is not air conditioned. I choose it over the stock because i will use it for the near processor upgrade. :D

    Anyway.. Did my GPU overkill my gaming on 1600x900 resolution? I only use 20'' inch monitor.
  3. kevin83 said:

    The 550 ti is terrible in comparison to the 7770.

    This begs to differ:

    7770 is only 40% faster in texel rate but the 550 still beats it in all other categories. :) (except in power consumption ofc.)
  4. Nw333 said:
    This begs to differ:

    7770 is only 40% faster in texel rate but the 550 still beats it in all other categories. :)

    Irrelevant. This is what matters
  5. FinneousPJ said:
    Irrelevant. This is what matters

    Stand corrected then. Few FPS isnt much for me though. :)
  6. Well maybe not but why not get the better card.
  7. If you wont' be OCing, don't bother with an OCing motherboard. Drop down, save the money for a better CPU or GPU.

    This begs to differ: [...] n-hd-7770/

    I keep seeing people post from that crap site. I seriously wish it would stop misleading people. It's fine if you want to list the different fill rates, but post real game benchmarks as well.
  8. If the build is centered around "upgradability," then you should have bought an even larger power supply in case you decide to trick out your graphics cards.
    It is highly unlikely that even in extreme conditions the stock HSF would be a problem, people have run the 2500k overclocked to past 4 ghz on that beast, using more than twice the power you will.
    And yes, the hwcompare site is a joke. Real world benchmarks kill the 550 ti.
  9. If you wanted a really good low cost gaming PC you could have gone with a Phenom II 965 (90 bucks FTW) and a AMD 970 mobo.You would have saved enough money to buy a HD 7850.
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