Wil my build work and any suggestions? (barebones gaming pc)

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  1. Honestly I would just save up for longer to get some mid-range components (i5+7850 or better).

    If this is something you will use for a while, and spend many hours on, why not be a little patient and save up to make sure it's actually a good system?
  2. looks good, maybe upgrade the gpu to a 7770, 6850, 7750, 550 ti, 450 gts. if ur going with the 6670 get an FM1 motherboard and run hybrid crossfire with a A8 3870k
    Hybrid performance is similar to a HD 6770.
  3. just my 2 cents.. with a budget like that and specs like that, u can run games, but can u spend extra? get your budget to 450$?
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