21.5 inch vs 27 inch asus monitor for gaming

I am going to buy a new asus monitor but I dont know which one to get. I heard that smaller monitors have better image quality. Which do you recommend?
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  1. 23-24" Only get 27 if you can afford a resolution above 1080, IMO. Also, IMO, 21 is too small.

    Edit: its totally worth going to look at monitors in person. That will help.
  2. 27 is really bad quality?
  3. bskim said:
    27 is really bad quality?

    It about resolution and the distance between you and the monitor.
    Smaller screen with the same resolution will have smaller dpi compare to a larger screen.
  4. 23-24" is that best size for a 1080p monitor IMO.a 24"(1080P) will give you sharper quality than a 27"(1080P) because of the higher pixel density.
  5. I will get a 24 inch then
  6. good.
  7. Sweet! Feel free to post back here when you look at some models.
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