Cant log into websites! HALP!

hi. so i recently reformated my computer. However, i cannot seem to log into newegg at all. when i enter my username and password it just goes back to the home page without logging in. I tried it on firefox, IE, and chrome. Ive read that firefox sometimes has this problem but im experiencing this problem with all my browsers. Anyone know what the problem might be and how i can fix it?

thanks! :hello:
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  1. Hello computernewb;

    Besides NewEgg what websites are you having trouble logging into??
  2. nothing else. i can log into this website, my emails, and some other forums i visit. Just newegg at the moment.
  3. Doesn't sound like a Windows 7 issue to me.
    You have any pop-up blockers running? Stuff like that?

    Boot into Safe Mode with networking and try to log @ NewEgg from there.
  4. i have ad block plus running on firefox but im having trouble with all my web browsers. I just tried to buy something from meritline but im getting a similar load problem at checkout. Is there something on e-commerce sites thats preventing my web browsers to work properly?

    is there something in safe mode that will help me solve this problem?


    oh yea. i never had this problem before. it was after i reformated my computer a couple days ago.
  5. Safe Mode will only load the basic/minimum parts of Windows and no other programs.
    If you can sign on in Safe Mode you can start thinking about what programs might be causing that.
  6. Or you can try google: can't log in at NewEgg

  7. i tried to add to the host file. but it says i need to contact administrator to do that? whats that?
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