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Disabling 2 FX 4100 Cores

I just disabled 2 of my FX 4100's cores, which allowed me to get it up to 4.6GHz (will try 5GHz) on stock cooling with comfortable temps (52C max running Prime 95). I play older games, most of which will never use more than 2 cores. Specifically, which programs would be harmed by my disabling? Would this harm the CPU at all? It is not a true Quad core, so disabling it must help it out in per core performance too. How MUCH better would a 5GHz FX 4100 with 2 cores disabled be than a 4.2GHz FX 4100 with all of it's cores? It does help out those games in loading times drastically, even more than my SSD did. If it just effects Winrar then whatever.

Games I play:
Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition
Civilization IV +EPs
Sims 2+All EPs
Doom 3 BFG Edition
Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront II

Thanks ;)
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  1. well depends if the application only uses 2cores or 4cores, its always on how many cores the apps allow u to use and how well its optimimized for them.
  2. You tell us, get some benchmark software and get to work..
  3. thats not my thing, im saying how software works, its gotta be programmed and optimized for 2 or more cores to take advantage of them.
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    Just based on math, you'll probably get up to 60% less performance in an application designed to spread its work across as many threads as possible.

    For thinks that won't, running 2 faster cores would be like a 20% increase.

    Pick your poison. Now you know how CPU manufacturers feel try to decide what to market. :)
  5. Well, 5.0GHz was unstable so I got it up to 4.8GHz. A lot of screwed up things being fixed by me later, and now everything is pretty much invisible on the notifications bar.
  6. i think u should re-enable the 2 other cores. and thats how it meant to be. not supposed to disable cores.
  7. Yeah I do see your point, but the issues were not caused by the disabled cores. It was caused by a bad overclock and having to flash the bios.
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  9. Disabling 2 cores on a dual core processor... Interesting. Interesting...

    Jk. (But not rly...)
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