Is the Nvidia Driver 301.42 faulty?

Ok earlier today it crashed again, the 5th time it occurred.
but this time the issues it brought was a bit more serious, when it crashed i was watching a video in youtube via google chrome it did show the usual message "Nvidia Driver 301.42 has crashed and has recovered etc" but this time it froze my system wherein i had to force a shutdown. rebooting windows froze in the account login, i forced shutdown it again entered safe mode where it successfully loaded windows; then i restarted and this time successful accessed my account. Launched Dota 2 while waiting for a game in facebook to load then moments later my screen froze >.< ...AGAIN another force shutdown, rebooted and what do you know my monitor won't turn on lol at this time i thought it was my GPU had that issues so i opened my case to check but nothing seems wrong. i booted again and this time i worked and i logged into my account but this time Downloaded and reverted to Driver 296.10.

Tested out facebook game application to test Adobe flash = No Issues
Watched a 18min video in youtube = No Issue
Played Dota 2 for 1hr30mn = No Issue

So is it now safe to assume that the Driver 301.42 was faulty and causing the earlier problems?

Thanks and Sorry for the long read i just wanted to be thorough :)
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  1. I've been using it with no problems since it was released. SLI EVGA and PNY cards

    What card do u have?
  2. a EVGA GTX 570

    Currently monitoring if it'l happen again ^_^
  3. Ok so far everything is working fine, no more Driver crashes but is it normal for the GPU to randomly clock down to 405 in-game then suddenly throttle to max load?

    I ask because with 301.42 i didn't notice this kind of behavior and yes i have Power Management set to Adaptive.

  4. EVGA has great tech support - I've used it for my MB on several occasions to get more information. You just need to register the product and have the serial number handy. Have you contacted them directly by phone? I think that's your best option unless you can find someone in their forum that has the same issues as you.
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