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Hey guys

My girlfriend is constantly playing the sims on her laptop she has all of the expansions and quite a bunch of custom content like downloaded sims and clothes. Because of this her laptop tends so slows down considerably when she opens the game after the 15 minutes it takes to load the main menu she still has to load her saved game and it still lags in game as well. as I'm sure you can imagine this can be quite frustrating for her. It never had this problem when it was just the original game so i know the graphics aren't the problem.

It's a fairly new laptop and she doesn't have the money to buy a new one for a game and I was going to swap out her processor for a new one. I know its a boatload of work and very technical but I feel confident enough to do it.
She is playing on a HP Pavilion g4 series with an AMD A4-3305m processor. I was looking and was thinking of replacing it with a A10-4600M I checked and both the socket and wattage match up. Besides the Bios not accepting the processor is there anything else i need to check before i buy the processor?
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  1. The A10-4600M could get hotter than the fan can handle and that's a problem.
  2. You wont be able to "swap" out the CPU. Its most likely soldered to the motherboard. So unless you have the correct tools and know how, id leave it alone. Have her put it on a flat hard surface rather than her lap or on top of blanket. Its throttling down due to overheating. Keep the vents free of anything and get a laptop cooler mat.
  3. Install the maximum RAM for the laptop and consider an SSD, everything will run faster...
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