Better case fans?

At the moment i have two blue led, noisy 120mm fans and am keen for an upgrade. i have a fan controller to go with but i'm looking for some good performance yet quiet.
I have been eyeing up some corsair af120 performance editions, but want second opinion or recommendations of other fans which have preformed well.
any feedback would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. That fan price about 20+ dollars, move about 100+ cfm and around 30 dba, imo is acceptable sound and good cfm, but not for that price,

    So as the cougar vortex and noctua fan

    My recommendation is enermax tb silence(70+ cfm,<23 dba) or a better looking but a little more in dba is xigmatek xaf/xlf f125**
    Both price at 9$

    Still, its your money and your choice, make the best out of it.
  2. Yeah they are a bit pricier but quality and brand are what is being payed for. By the way i'm from NewZealand so those prices change alot for me, as does my access to the other fans you mentioned. So the corsair ones come out at about $56 NZD and i cannot find enermax or xigmatek fans in any NZ sites.

    Thanks for the reply but i just don't have access to all the same brands as the U.S and am not willing to ship case fans lol
  3. And im not even living in the states, hahaha opposite site of yhe world from the states. Well if u can find those, it is better to have 2 120mm fan than 1 xDD
    U can always mod things~
  4. Oh no, the corsair fans that are $56 are the twin pack if you thought that was for one.
    also sorry i just assumed you were from the U.S as mainly them, NZ and Aus use $
  5. If you can get them, the Fractal 120/140mm fans are nice and quiet with more than enough CFM.
  6. How about Arctic F12 120mm fans. they have about 75 cdm and fun max at 1350rpm. i can get two for $24
  7. I use Bitfenix Spectre 800 rpm fans. Very quiet, and move enough air from my system.
  8. Bitfenix and fractal both produce around 50cfm, why not enermax tb silence?xDD

    And yeah, i know its a dual pack, so far i know the best high end fan is the noctua nf f12.
  9. I really think i'm going with the artic ones though, as they have good cfm for lower range fans, 75, and are cheap and easy for me to get hold of. The other fans mentioned are alot more expensive to get hold of.
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