Computer starting to give up after 6 years?

Ok, I got this computer as a gaming rig back 6 years ago, back then it was pretty powerful and could handle pretty much anything but then it started to become an "old reliable" but even that is starting to not become true no more. 6 Months ago my graphics card decided that enough was enough and died on me meaning that I had to replace then 4 Months ago my wifi card decided to die on me so again I went ahead and replaced it. Two weeks ago my graphics resolution started to go haywire and im getting black bars at the top and bottom of my screen and now today my audio has started to go really fuzzy and my microphone input is just not working although ive tried my mic on my laptop and it works fine.

Do you think the motherboards on the brink of packing in on me which would be related to the audio issues?


PS: Im trying to survive to just survive a few more months, my new build is in progress.
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  1. It could be your PSU is giving up the ghost..can you give us the specs on it (Make, Model, etc)?
  2. Now it just BSOD on me, Im on laptop now. Its running 500W SUMEVISION - Not entirley sure long time ago.. Think that what it was. CPU is AMD Phenom 9550 with 4GB DDR2 800Mhz, 9600GT 512mb, 500GB 7200RPM Seagate HDD, Motherboard is ASROCK A780.
  3. +1 on the PSU issue. I've seen then cheaper ones slowely die and do funny things to a system.
  4. yeah, likely the PSU, given the unknown brand.

    At 6 years old, it is probly time to replace the system
  5. There could be other problems with your power supply like ripple, but go into the bios and tell us the values for +3.3V, +5V and +12V.
  6. Quote:
    Computer starting to give up after 6 years?

    Are you asking us if your computer is giving up?
  7. Ill go into the bios as I said im not entirley sure that is the make of the current psu in my desktop at the momment although I have a box for a SUMEVISION lieing around and it may just be the one in an old computer. Ill check bios now.
  8. K managed to find out psu name, Its a Raidmax 500w PSU.
  9. electricfirebolt said:
    K managed to find out psu name, Its a Raidmax 500w PSU.

    That's not much of an improvement if it is indeed 6 years old..It still could be your PSU that is causing the problems.
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