Installation of graphics card with on board graphics

Ok, thanks to some great help on this board I have selected a graphics card and just received it today. I am ready to install. I have been reading, and watching videos trying to figure this out as my computer knowledge is limited to turning the dang thing on.

I am a bit confused on the order of the process that I need to go through with the on board graphics. Do I disable the on board graphics first then turn off and install the new graphics, and plug the monitor in to the new graphics card. The more I read, the more confused I become, as every article seems to have a different sytem. Some say you need to get into the BIOS...Other say you put in the new graphics card first then disable the old graphics card. Some say that the new graphics card will override the on board graphics and you do nothing. :o Who to believe?

My system is a gateway DX450 with Intel HD graphics Family

I am installing a Galaxy GEForce GT 440

I figure I might as well get a few more words of wisdom before taking the plunge.

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Most modern motherboard BIOS's will auto-disable the on-board video as soon as it 'sees' a graphic card in the PCIe X16 slot. You probably won't have to do a thing.
  2. Do I need to disable the onboard in windows?

    Next step i guess is to install the graphics card. Then plug the monitor into the new card, then turn on the computer and install the drivers or do I leave it plugged into the onboard until new drivers are installed?

    If a computer were a car it would be wise I was never given the keys.
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    Don't berate yourself too much. Everyone learns the same way. By instruction and experience.

    If your graphics now is on-board, just install the new card (physically), boot to Windows. If you have Win7, it may even load a basic driver for the that card. If not, download and install the driver for it. (You can use the one on DVD that came with the card, but it is probably a bit out-dated). Follow the direcrions and you will be good to go. After all is up and running, do yourself a favor and run CCleaner to clean up the computer of resource wasting crap and registry errors.
  4. Thanks, I'm going in.....I'll report latter. Hopefully with a monitor that works.
  5. I can't believe I'm up and running. Thanks so much for your confidence boost. I simply installed and it booted up, recognized the card, windows 7 grabbed the drivers. Took a few minutes to download. I was a little fearful of the card not working as it was a $30 open box special.

    It is running my design program in 3d now, and my response time from the keyboard seems so much quicker, sharper images. I do see the difference. Boot Speed & Surfing speed seems to have slowed though, so i'll have to look into running the CCleaner you spoke of.

    For anyone though in the same position. 2 things about my computer that were different then in the videos I watched. The expansion slot did not have a screw. It was a punch out and I had to supply my own screw to secure the card. Those were the only hitches. So even an old woman who's first interaction to computers of any type was pong, can install a video card. Thanks clutchc
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