Sound Blaster Z and 3D Positional Audio

Sup ppl?
I am interested in upgrading to the new Sound Blaster Z. In terms of gaming performance, has anyone here tried it much? Especially with headphones? I am really interested in how well the 3D positional audio works.

Currently I have an older X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro 7.1 and in BF3, the audio is so ridiculously good it's almost like cheating. I can hear everything and determine exactly where each sound is coming from with my surprisingly decent Turtle Beach X12 Headset, which appears to support virtual 7 channel surround. I can slowly turn 360 degrees and hear each sound properly transition to another channel while fading out from the previous one. It's amazing. Similar experiences can be had in CS: GO and other FPS titles.

I would really hate to give up that level of positional audio for only increase in audio clarity, which I am sure the Z would most certainly have over my current sound card. Any input on how well the Z does with position audio would be much appreciated. I suppose that should be a main feature of it since it is labeled as a Gaming Sound Card.

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  1. Can't comment on the Z, as I've yet to see any decent reviews, but spec wise, its a VERY good card for its price.
  2. Although the snr stats of the new Z is higher than the formers platinum / titanium boards not all in sound is defined by that. I do believe you will not get a better sound on the Z than on these ones and you´ll probably be disappointed. essence st/stx and creative HD is a whole different matter though
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