Are these computer parts all compatible?

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  1. I wouldn't buy that PSU. I've had good luck with FSP brand before but that one is very cheap and unreliable. Doesn't look like your going to be using this for games, if thats the case then this is a great PSU that I've used in a few different machines.
    (it's actually out of stock at this site right now, but Tigerdirect would probably have it, or Amazon I think carries a lot of Antec units too.)
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  3. Stay away from ECS.

    I think you should fill out the new build form in the new build section of the forum.
  4. Stay away from Apex as well. Cheap cases are just that - cheap. They cut corners on construction and use poor welding and things of that nature, it's better to pay a little extra - even getting something like a Cooler Master Elite 430 will be infinitely better.
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