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I have just received some unexpected money (About $200, give or take $50) for a new processor.
I play a lot of games, but do little rendering, video editing, or anything of that nature.
Any help in deciding what to get? I have a socket AM3+ mobo.
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  1. What do you have
  2. FinneousPJ said:
    What do you have

    I knew I forgot something -.-
    Sorry about that!

    I have an 'AMD Phenom II x4 965'
  3. I can't really recommend upgrading from that yet.
  4. Oc the little brothers and you can't tell them apart

    8120 ($144) @ 3.9 ghz CPU Mark 8,182
    8150 ($159) 3.9 ghz CPU Mark 8,333

    Same for the 8320/50, I'm cheap and found an 8120 on azm for $123 delivered just to good a deal to pass up (it hasn't shipped yet, I guess it still could be to good to be true)
  5. I'm replacing a 955 I've had FOREVER it that maxes at 3.7ghz cpu mark 4500, so a 8120 can double it up with a 4ghz+ oc, every other part is new current gen a dammit I want a new cpu. And if you're not going to trash everything and move to intel then this is it for well forever in "cpu years"
  6. AMD Phenom II x4 965 with a bit of overclock can handle todays games. If you want to upgrade, look at your GPU.
  7. Get yourself an 8120 and some liquid nitrogen, mmm.. frosty..

    8GHz on a Bulldozer
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