Dell Inspiron 620 graphics card upgrade

Hello everyone so this is my question. After a lot of research and confusion I just need help in pulling the trigger for a new graphics card in my computer.

This is my computer:

Computer brand: Dell Inspiron 620
Processor: i5 2320 @ 3.0GHz
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0GDG8Y A00
Power Supply: 230W or 300W (can't really tell but either way it's low)
GPU: HD Radeon 6450 (it says 3817 mb of memory)
Monitors: 1. HP 2009 Series Wide LCD Monitor---has VGA and DVI (i would say about 17") It runs at 1600x900
2. Samsung 23" with 2 hdmi (one is used for my xbox) , VGA, DVI----It runs at 1600x900 and 1920x1080(it just depends on what i am doing

I want a graphics card to be able to play arma2, bf3, mw3, borderlands, COD: World at War, minecraft(which runs great now so no worries on my part about that), etc. I want it to support future games similar to these as well(if possible)

Hopefully that is all the info you need. I have been on a roller coaster searching for the best graphics card I can get in my computer. I don't mind upgrading my PSU if I have to I just want to know that whatever I buy is the best available for my computer given the size of the case. I have exactly 10" to my hard drive bays so I assume that I want at least an inch of clearance for air flow-----if I am wrong in thinking this please correct me.

I have a wireless card underneath my graphics card but it is not needed so that does not pose an issue to this upgrade. I have spoken with one of my tech friends that I feel I can trust but he doesn't really keep up on gpu's very well so I want to know others suggestions so I have no doubts about my purchase for my computer. He suggested me the ASUS 440 from tigerdirect which from videos the fan is adjustable in speed and can be kept cool fairly easily.

If you want pics I am new to this so give me an easy way to share pictures on this forum. I really haven't had to give pictures but I can because I assume it could make your help more effective. I just have no idea what to use to share pictures. I have a tape measure if you want me to put that beside something too.

And also I don't mind upgrading my power supply but I want some good recommendations that won't blow up in the first year or so like so many of the "best deals" show in their reviews.

Thanks in advance for your help, if you need any more info please tell me. I just want the best available to my computer that also fits in my case with good cooling.
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  1. I suggest a new PSU whatever if you are not even sure of its rating, what you get depends on your budget. I suggest a Radeon 5770/6770 as minimum for gaming if you want to play at high settings in most current games, 6850 - 6870 is you want to play high in all current games and max some, GTX 560Ti -6950 to max even more games there are bargains out there for these last generation cards, Radeon 7850 a bit more power again but uses less power so runs cooler and quieter. This is the highest you need for a single display in my opinion but in a year or 2 you may wish you had bought a GTX 670.
  2. Ok, so I have a few of questions because I am thinking going around the 560ti performance area.

    1. Will it fit in my case and not overheat?

    2. Should I go with the gtx 560 (not ti) because it is a bit shorter and may have easier cabling?

    3. And one other problem I have seen is that I have a power cable right where my video card might extend to.
    This is seen in this forum----scroll down to a picture posted by yepppp and you will see the power cable I am worried about------
  3. Also, this is the 560ti in a dell inspiron 620 but I can't tell what he did with that power cable I am worried about.-----It is the picture by Speedstep-----
  4. Not sure about the cable but you should be ableto run it somewhere and it won't be a problem. Overheating will depend on your room temperature and what model 560Ti you get, if your room temps are normalish there shouldn't be a problem. You can always upgrade the rear fan if you need to or even get a new case.
  5. Is there a 560 model you would recommend/have experience with?

    And do you know of a 650 to 750 watt power supply that has the right-angle sata for my hard drive and two six-pin for the gpu? Because without those I need a new case.

    I don't mind a new case either but I would only want it around $50 if possible.
  6. Hello I would say if your looking for a new graphics card then you will definitely need a new psu I think this psu would work perfectly.
    And for the video card I would say go with this
    Hope this helps!
  7. rybo1227 said:
    Hello I would say if your looking for a new graphics card then you will definitely need a new psu I think this psu would work perfectly.
    And for the video card I would say go with this
    Hope this helps!

    Thank You so much! Exactly the straight-forward answer I needed! Is the SE version of the 560 really that bad compared to the 550 ti? I figured that the SE wasn't as good as the actual 560 but i didn't think it would be considered below the 550 ti.

    The power supply is a very helpful answer too as I was struggling to find one that didn't have very many scary reviews.
  8. I am going to go with the 560 Se in hopes that it is by chance better than the 550ti for the same price.

    I am going to get this power supply( or the one rybo1227 recommended.

    Hoping for the best. I will order within the next week and I will come back and give the final results hopefully with this computer upgraded!
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