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Well around a week or two , my brother accidentally dropped a water bottle on the to of my pc , so my immediate extinct was to turn off my computer(unplug) and dry what I could , I let it dry for around 1 hour then tried to turn it on everything ran for like 2 seconds and.then and it constantly turned on and off for 2 seconds untI'll my graphics card got burned our so I took it away and I was able to boot up this happened last week but now it's constantly turni off seems that everday that passes the faster it turns off any suggestions?
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  1. Look for blown capacitors.
  2. Smell your mobo.. if something is burned you can usually smell it, if it passes the smell test then it could also be the power supply. Either way you're probably going to end-up spending as much swapping things and still end up screwed, I'd probably look at this as a "mandatory upgrade" and move on..
  3. its probably a failing psu. you burnt something out in the psu and now its unable to maintain power to the computer. If the case is closed, not much water is going to get in there, but it will get in through the rear of the psu. unless you have a fan or something on top the water could have gotten into. If anyone ever spills something on the comp, it should be take apart completely and dried out for a full day, not just an hour.
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