How well can I over click with my power supply?

At the moment my build is
Cpu: Intel Core i7 950
Motherboard: Asus Saberthooth X58
Ram: 12 Gb of Gskill Rip Jaw
Gpu: Nvidia Evga Gtx 670 sc.
And last my psu Ultra X4 750watt.
The reason I have questions about my power supply is I've seen other people
OOver clock their 670s by +100 and memory by like +200.
With my gpu I've never been able to go past +58mhz on core clock speed like
40 mhz on memory. I have no problem with game fps rates at all.
Another reason I think my psu my be limiting the gpus over clicking abilities
Is that I'm unable to complete the a new heaven bbenchmark. At least without
Lowering the power downto like 80%.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Also let me know if I forgot anything.
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  1. never heard of your psu, thats not a good place to start but also you have to remember not every gpu is the same they are all different, even though the majority may overclock well it is no guarantee yours will. the only thing guaranteed is that it will work at stock clocks. another thing is the people get the big overclocks will be likely to be overvolting there gear too, are you??
  2. Review of PSU @

    Seems they are impressed with the unit, only thing I didn't like was it usin 737w @ 100% load, so not left to pay with with a fully packed system,a good pont being that it is using 99% the same parts as its 1200w big brother and a lifetime warrenty.
  3. Ultra PSU's arent usually the greatest, though it seems the X4 is the exception

    750W is more than enough power for what your doing.
    More than likely you have to overvolt the card to clock much further. Far as I know the only Nvidia cards that can are the MSI Power Edition cards (old ones at that, Nvidia put a stop to overvolting on them) .
  4. The fact that you're using an EVGA card might be part of it. Those cards use the fairly weaksauce stock cooling, so they can't support the same kind of voltage increases and resulting overclocks that many better-cooled cards can. If you had something like a zotac, a gigabyte or an asus card, you might be able to reach a higher overclock.
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